Training Horses Naturally
is the gateway to a captivating relationship!

Training Horses Naturally is a research and development facility specializing in Positive Reinforcement Training, Horse Psychology and Natural Horse Keeping devoted to applying natural methods to care and communicate with horses. We offer you the horse's perspective, a unique and enlightening experience that promotes self awareness while gaining unparalleled positive communication and training skills with horses.

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You will discover that our techniques transcend all traditional methods and are based upon achieving a relationship utilizing principles that come natural to all horses. We are on the leading edge of teaching the most effective training methods available to those who wish to go beyond the norm.

As a result of our extensive years of experience and proven research we only endorse a natural lifestyle for horses, bitless bridles, keeping horses barefoot, treeless saddles and we oppose the USE of horses through any competitive sport or racing industry as a means for financial gain or by appeasing the human ego.

Our goal at Training Horses Naturally is to achieve the most honorable and ethical relationship possible with horses not to win a ribbon or a race.

If you are looking for this kind of relationship then here’s how to get started training horses naturally.

First you will want to know the best methods to naturally train, nurture and communicate with horses. Our e-book "The Secret Lives of Horses" unveils what all horses would like us to know, how to care for them and help you start off on the right hoof!

Then you will want to know the best training method ever discovered! Our "Clicker Training Guide" will show you step by step how to utilize this technique that builds stronger communication and relationships than you could ever imagine!

And if you have any questions, just Ask Me! Or you can Share With Us your stories and experiences about horses.

Your journey with us at Horses by Nature will take you to new heights of awareness about horses, well being and life.

Come join us and... Discover the Spirit within us All!

"A must read for anyone desiring a stronger relationship with their horse. Polny describes beautifully and simply the minds of horses and makes the language of these regal creatures within reach of everyone's inner horse whisperer. If you want to really know how your horse wants to live and be these books", Ivana Holub H.D.D.h.s.(med)

"Just wanted to say how excited I was to find your website - it's everything I've come to believe about horses and training etc. - you just reinforced it -Thanks! Katherine, United States

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How to train a horse naturally
How to train a horse naturally is an ebook downloaded straight to your computer.
Discover The Facts About Horses No One Ever Told You About!
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Clicker Training Guide For Horses Ebook
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A Critical View - Equine Assisted Therapy/Learning Certification programs ebook
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Body Language Analysis Ebooks
Body language analysis segments from Of Horses and Teachers ebook
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Effective Horse Training Equipment
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About us at Training Horses Naturally : Horses By Nature
Information about Elaine Polny of Training Horses Naturally at Horses By Nature
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Contact Training Horses Naturally and Horses By Nature
Our Privacy Policy at Training Horses Naturally
Training Horses Naturally Privacy Policy
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