How do Animal Communicators connect with our pets?

Animal communicators are starting to become more and more familiar these days. Everyone can learn animal communication. We are all wired the same when it comes to energy patterns of thought. And it’s energy that we are talking about.

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Don’t think it is something that only a gifted few can do, this is not the case. Throughout our lives we all have had experiences achieving a connection with animals and people. The question is, did you believe it?

My hope for everyone is to believe that it is possible and then trust their inner self and intuition to guide them. I also believe that if you are involved with animals, you already are an animal communicator! It can come so naturally that we often don’t even realize when we have done it! So the next logical step is becoming aware of the connection.

As an animal behaviorist, it is important that my awareness is heightened to detect every little change. The more I tune into the animals energy patterns (thoughts) and remove my human ego, the more successful the communication. To achieve this effectively, often a guided meditation helps. Learning Reiki has also helped a great deal in understanding energy and connecting to it.

Here is how I visualize this energy interaction. The definition of consciousness is: the totality of the thoughts and feelings of a person or group. Therefore, I see people resonating on a common scale of consciousness. And animals resonating on a common scale of consciousness. The animal kingdom can be broken down further to separate species specific consciousness since we see that birds don’t exactly resonate with the cats!

It is reasonable to see that I do not vibrate naturally on the conscious level as the animal kingdom. So with awareness, I can now with effort and practice change my vibration to match another. How? By concentrating upon “the totality of the thoughts and feelings of the individual or group”.

Be aware that many animal communicators often connect to the human owner’s vibration rather than the animals. You will notice this when things are said like,” Your horse likes the blue bucket not the green one”. This is not something a horse would have preference to. Interpretation is everything! Don’t’ rely on a third party to get your answers. Get it straight from the horse’s mouth! :0)

Become your own animal physic! Remember all animals live in the present moment, so don’t hang on to the information for too long. I have known some people to keep the information they were given for years and constantly refer to it. This just allows the negative energy to stay alive. If his knee was sore today, tomorrow it might be fine.

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Here is a bit more information about this animal communicator course you can learn in the privacy of your own home:

We all have the ability to communicate without words, but instead to communicate with imagery, focus, energetic flow, intention and feelings. This is the key to understanding how to communicate with animals. We were born knowing how to do this, but many of us have simply forgotten how.

Here are many of the rich rewards you'll enjoy from being able to communicate with your animals:

• Give you more peace of mind about what your animal really needs & wants

• Give you greater clarity about they really need to improve their health, happiness & well-being, and

• Deepen your relationship and understanding with them, and their understanding of you.

Here is a testimony about this course :

My Horse Behavior Problem was a Sore Tooth!

My horse, Amos, was really unpredictable and I couldn't understand why. He would pull me almost out of the saddle, get balky and spooky... When I got Val's course, I started learning how to connect with him. And I started listening to him more. He told me he had a toothache! I had the vet check him out and sure enough! There it was. Wow!!

No wonder he was behaving that way -- I just wish I'd learned how to listen to him sooner. It would have saved us a lot of time. I can tell he really likes it when I talk with him now, he greets me in a way that says he's happy to see me and he has a lot to say. I've been missing so much! Thanks Val!! I love this Course! Ready for More! -- Tony F., Austin, TX

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Have some fun with a mindful meditation with horses and nature!

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