Barefoot Saddle Fitting

by Betty Grekas
(Georgetown, De)

Barefoot Saddle Pommel Inserts

Barefoot Saddle Pommel Inserts

I have two horses. One has withers like a table top and the other is much more narrow. Does a barefoot saddle fit both? I have a Heather Moffett treeless saddle and that saddle tends to fit the wider withered horse. As I understand things with these saddles (ie treeless) is that depending on the brand, the saddle favors either a wide withered horse or a narrowed withered horse. Do you have an opinion? Thanks. I really like Barefoot saddles and I plan on getting one but not sure if I can get one for both horses!


Hi Betty,

The Barefoot Saddle makers take into account that many (in fact most) horses are low (& wide) withered yet some are high withered. As a result they include the wider pommel insert with the saddles and you can purchase a narrow insert separately for the high withered horse too. You just open the zipper and switch inserts. Currently in Canadian funds the inserts without a horn are $59.00 and with a horn are $79.00 just to give you an idea. The cost in the United States will be slightly different.

Here is an excerpt from the Barefoot’s catalogue:

"All Barefoot saddles can be adjusted to fit different types of shoulders. Narrow inserts are for EXTREMELY narrow horses with very prominent withers. Wide inserts are for very broad horses with no noticeable withers and a very broad shoulder."

What I have found to be equally important and often overlooked is the correct padding to go along with the horses back too. With the wider horses less padding but good grip is needed (neoprene is helpful at times). With the high withers horses the physio pad is a must and then taking into account all the inserts they come with are needed and where.

So yip, you can have one saddle that fits more than one horse.

Elaine Polny
Training Horses Naturally

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