A Guided Meditation Script

guided meditation with horse

Here is a guided meditation script to help you open the door to communicate with your equine friends. There are many different meditation techniques but I have found that we seem to make it harder than it needs to be. The best meditation tips I can offer you is relax, you cannot get it wrong and I promise you with a little practice you will find it easier and easier.

The first few times you will want to be sitting down, so you don't fall over by accident! The longer you can stay focused the better the connection will be. It may also help some to be near a horse visually. But you can do this at a distance too.

This is not much more than a focused inner visualization (or a guided meditation script - for those who are okay with that term).

I highly recommend you read this guided meditation script over several times first before beginning.

Find a quiet place to sit and be comfortable. Close your eyes, take as many deep breaths as necessary to feel really relaxed. When you are ready, call forth your equine friend. Ask that they join you where you are. When you feel that their presence is close, ask for permission to enter their world. Simply let them know that you wish to see, feel and experience the world through their eyes. Once permission is granted (oh, you will know!, they hardly ever refuse and are usually delighted you asked!), start to focus on your body becoming theirs. You can either change your body into a horse or enter their body.

Feel all the specific details of your arms turning to front legs and your neck growing long. Feel the wind tussle your mane and your back becoming long and strong. Your human legs turn into powerful loins and you suddenly have a tail to swish!

Take your time with this and add as much detail as possible, stay calmly focused. Breathe long slow breaths.

Now with your new body you can start to walk if you like, then trot, then run. Enjoy yourself! Test what it's like to rear, kick, gallop. If you have joined with your horse, you can ask how they feel about a subject that you have been wondering about. Just remember to listen to the answer. Sometimes it comes in a feeling, maybe a picture. You must trust the first thing that hits you.

For example I once had a horse who had difficulty going all the way onto a trailer. I did this exercise and when I asked the horse what they felt about going onto the trailer, I was hit with the picture of sardines in a can! I thought "What?!" If you have ever seen sardines in a can they are squashed together tight. I revisited the inside of the trailer and removed the steel breastplate and replaced it with a lead rope and whoolah, problem solved. So never underestimate what you may feel or see.

Finally, thank your horse for the privilege and come out the same way you went in! Slowly and graciously!

Please feel free to share your experiences. I would love to hear them! Contact Us

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