Homeopathy Remedies for Horses

I wanted a quick homeopathy remedies list to place in my barn for those moments when a situation arises. I am not the kind of person who panics in an emergency situation but being prepared never hurts when my heart rate goes up!

Please note: This information is given as a guide only, please consult a homeopathic or veterinarian doctor for your individual needs and chronic cases.

How to give a homeopathy remedy

There are a few different thoughts on how to give a remedy. Trying not to touch the little white pill can be hard and whether to place it in food or not is in question. Some say it’s okay to put in food others disagree. What is important is to have the mucous membrane inside the horse’s mouth to have immediate contact with the remedy. I will try not to touch it first but if I must use food I will. So here are a few ways that have worked for me.

Dissolve the pill in a bottle of distilled (or at least natural spring) water. Once dissolved, I take a cap full and place a good tablespoon of oats or soaked beet pulp in the palm of my hand while standing right in front of my horse. At the last moment I pour the homeopathic remedy onto the oats in my hand and quickly offer it to the horse.

Another way with a suspicious horse is to carve a tiny hole (with the tip of a knife) in a piece of apple and without touching the pill I can put it in the hole then quickly offer it.

The third way I use is my least favorite because I have to handle the remedy more than I prefer to. I take three pills and hold in the tips of three fingers and put these pills as far up and to the inside of the horse’s mouth. (And hope they don’t spit them out!)

If you are really new to homeopathy, I highly recommend this book first!Click Here!

homoepathy book

Now, here is the guide I use but only after taking a Homeopathy First Aid for Horses Course.

Homeopathic Remedies for COLIC

Aconite - Just starting to colic, fever, maybe dry mouth, check ears for heat or coldness

Nux-Vomica - causing cramping, biting withers, looks bloated, throw himself down suddenly, digestive remedy patient is chilly/worse in mornings

Magnesium Phosphate (Mag-phos) - flatulent colic, crampsCombine: Nux-vom & Mag-phos when you can see constipation, swollen abdomen and gassy

Metallicum Album – if you suspect food poisoning from poor quality feed/water

Colocynthis - horse urinating frequently but with little coming out

Cinchona - colic from dehydration (not drinking, sweating, diarrhea or blood loss)

Cantharis - retained urine, horse is really straining & urine comes out only in drops

Colchicum – anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, aversion to the smell of food

Homeopathy Remedies for LAMENESS

Arnica – give immediately after any injury, kick/fall/bruised

Rhus Tox – where pain & weakness in muscles/tendons/joints gets worse during rain or humidity and wear off when the horse moves & limbers up- leading remedy for arthritis type symptoms

Calcarea – for old injuries after giving Rhus-tox for some time(these 3 work mainly on the muscles, bones & blood vessels)

Ruta - best used for bruises to bones, cartilages, tendons, the insertion of tendons & even the cartilages around the joints(overexertion of fibers such as the flexor tendons, Ruta & Rhus can treat bowed tendons)(Ruta is good to use in lameness after sprains particularly the pastern & fetlock joints) (see pg 21)

Ledum - horse picks up a nail, puncture wounds, produces tetnus-like symptoms with twitching of muscles especially when surrounding area becomes cold and discoloured

Hypericum (St. John’s Wort) – prime importance in the treatment of lacerated wounds where nerve endings are damaged. Give after Ledum

Homeopathy Remedies for INJURIES & WOUNDS

Calendula cream - Once wound is cleaned and bleeding somewhat controlled apply cream. Give Calendula twice daily for approx. 1 week. You can alternate with Arnica to help with the soreness.

Remedies for BEHAVIORAL

For Anxiety - Argentum Nitricum, Metallicum Album & AconiteBach Flower RescueHerbs – Valerian, Chamomile & Lavender

Homepathy Remedies for ALLERGY REACTIONS

Apis 1M – acute allergic reaction, bee sting

Pulsatilla, Natrum Muriaticum, Calcarea, Metallicum Album, Thuja, Lycopodium, Silca & Phosphorus

Where to buy homeopathic remedies

Just visit your local health food store and you should have no problem finding any of these. I took my list with me and if by chance one wasn’t available the clerk quickly offered to order it!

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