Horse Training Equipment

It’s astonishing to me the amount of horse training equipment that’s available on the market. And I too have been swayed by the promises made. Yet as my skill and experience grew my equipment inventory got smaller and smaller. Why? Because I discovered that all the horse training equipment in the world was not going to build a strong relationship with my horse until I utilized the most important tools of all, horse psychology, compassion and respect for the horses needs.

When we commit to a goal of truly putting the horse’s best interests first while putting our ego notions of success aside you will see that many horse training equipment tools available today are unnecessary (and some even brutal!).

So I’m going to skip those items that I never use like bits, tie downs, martingales, dually halters, chains, hobbles and whatever else you can think of that people use to try and “fix” a behavior problem. I am a believer that we do not have horse training equipment problems we have human equipment training problems.

Don’t go looking for a new gadget to “fix” something, instead try a whole new approach.

Here's a list of the best horse training equipment:


  • one clicker and a pocket full of wholesome food your horse loves!

    12 foot lead rope

  • one rope halter with a 12 foot lead rope

  • one stick 4 feet long – it’s purpose is to make your arm longer and direct energy from a further distance. It could be made from tree branch! It’s never to be used to inflict pain and a 6 foot string can also be attached for even longer distances

Click here for further information on the proper use of Rope Halters

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Arm yourself with a solid understanding of Clicker Training and Horse Behavior. Always respect your horse’s thoughts and reactions and put them in the forefront of your goals.

A horse cannot make a mistake, they can only show how they interpreted the information supplied by demonstrating their behavior to it.

From here the sky’s the limit!

Here’s a true story about how I helped an over anxious horse using these natural horsemanship training tools

I simply must tell this story about the change in attitude that I saw in a seven year old chestnut thoroughbred mare. It took about half an hour to bring respect into the picture so that Elaine could safely ride this mare bareback in the arena.

Elaine had never met this mare before.

The mare, wearing the natural horsemanship training tool the rope halter, entered the arena on the end of Elaine’s 12 foot lead line.

Elaine let the mare drift around for a few seconds to let her get used to the other horses and people in the arena. The mare was feisty, energetic and almost out of control! She did not even look at Elaine. What this chestnut mare didn’t know was that her life was about to change for the better.

First, Elaine played the friendly game. She watched for signs of licking and chewing. Then, the porcupine game. The driving and on to the circle game. Now the mare was beginning to look at Elaine with a new eye. “Who is this human???????”. The first signs of leadership were beginning to show.

Elaine saw that the mare was insecure at the other end of the arena way from the others. So she used this situation to her advantage knowing that she could help this horse become more brave and find safety and comfort with her. Something seemed to spook her at that end. So that’s exactly where she took her. Now this mare had no other horse for comfort. Elaine gradually became her leader….

After going on to the squeeze game, over a jump, some more driving game, the mare began to look like a different horse!

Gone was her fiery attitude. She became softer and rounder to look at. She had settled down: at the scary end of the arena, where her only friend was Elaine. She watched Elaine like a hawk now. She moved exactly where Elaine wanted her to move. Her attitude had shifted from right brain to a safe left brain….all in about twenty minutes……Elaine now was in a place where she felt safe to ride this once feisty mare.

To our amazement, Elaine mounted the mare bareback and safely rode her around the arena. After her ride, Elaine hopped off and the mare followed her around the arena like a happy puppy dog!!!!!! Demonstrating that this mare truly had gained trust and respect for her leader.

This attitude change was amazing. Using her natural horsemanship training tools and skills, Elaine is able to bring this kind of wonderful change in horses. They immediately respond to her. This is a method that is so much easier on both the people and the horse they love.

By Jane Lasko

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