Experince A Mindful Meditation

A mindful meditation can be a calming yet exhilarating feeling all at the same time. I have discovered many ways to create such an experience in my own backyard and thought I would share a few with you.

I like to mention to everyone not to make a big deal out of meditation techniques. Some of the best inspirational moments come from not trying to meditate at all! Many students have also claimed they have a hard time quieting their mind and that's true for anyone trying too hard. :0)

So sit back, have a read, and when the moment feels right go ahead and close your eyes and feel your way to calmness.

A Mindful Meditation With Horses

beautiful horses in sunshine

I discovered this one by accident! All my horses where facing the same direction and dozing off in the sunshine. They all had half closed eyes and seemed to be entranced by the calmness and warmth the day was offering. It was so moving that my own inner self wanted badly to join them! So I walked very slowly and softly not to disturb them and stood next to one of the horses left sides but slightly behind their shoulder.

I closed my eyes and whispered to myself, please allow me to join you and feel what you feel. Suddenly a wave of what I can only describe as "well being" washed over me. It came from the soft wind that had touched and then bounced of the horse next to me! It felt like the horse had offered this gift of what they were basking in. Incredibly moving, inspirational and exhilarating!

It was at this moment, I truly realized that horses do live in the moment and that standing so close to well being is what does come natural to them (and we want more of that in our own lives).

On one hand it felt like an eternity, yet I know this was only a few minutes in total so don't think that mindful meditations need to be lengthy at all.

A Mindful Meditation In Nature

I have the luxury of living in the country on 10 acres so finding a place to walk amongst nature is easy to find. But in case you find yourself living in a city, just go to the nearest park or the most beautiful street that has lots of trees.

A walking meditation can be mesmerizing while just concentrating upon each and every step. You're going to feel your way with this at first by paying close attention to what all the parts of your body are doing. I first think about my feet, watching myself place the next one down. Then I think about my knees and how they need to bend and then my hips etc. Once I am at my arms I feel how they swing back and forth and keep rhythm with the whole movement. Then I notice how walking feels like a great orchestra playing a complicated song with ease and grace. If a beautiful song comes to mind, start hearing and listening to it.

I do this often while walking my dogs and especially when I need to clear my mind or even when I am looking for a new inspirational thought or idea. In this case I would start with the above and then allow my mind to wander about anything but being mindful of what's seeping in. The only time I will stop myself is when I think a negative thought or one that is not inspiring. If one does, I just say to myself Oops! sorry not allowed but "What thought does make me feel good?"

Time and time again this has never failed me but sometimes the walks are longer than other times! I have made myself a promise not to stop walking until I feel good about something. And inevitably I always feel better and inspired after this mindful meditation.

A Mindful Meditation Anywhere!

I can't remember where or who mentioned these words to me, but they have become the most powerful and quick to use. They are the words (and say them slowly), "Feel Life".

I was watching a movie where the workers in a rice field demonstrated this so powerfully it was inspiring just to watch them do it. What they did was at a moment in the day they would all stop, close their eyes, stand very tall with their arms stretched out just a bit higher than straight down at their sides, face looking toward the sky, and they contemplated the feeling of life all around them!

We can do this anywhere and for as little as 17 seconds to create a better feeling place within ourselves.

You will be amazed at how relaxing and powerful this thought can be. When I do this for a few minutes I think of everything around me like feeling the trees, the ants, the wind, the chipmunks etc. Nature is the perfect example of not struggling like we do in everyday life. They just are!

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