Reiki With Horses

Reiki with horses opens the door for us to offer positive healing energy to our equine friends. And of course our cats and dogs too!

I discovered an amazing opportunity to help people learn how to do reiki for horses without having to spend huge dollars or travel to get to a Reiki Master. Plus many people have been asking me for more information on reiki with horses hand positions. So hey, it was perfect timing I discovered this! Jan saved me the precious time of compiling a book myself! Thanks Jan!

reiki with horses hand positions

(The above picture is Elaine Polny offering reiki to her horse Hero)

Jan Barley is an established horse healer who teaches to practitioner level. The book is informative and will give you the knowledge needed to get started as a horse healer.

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This handbook is hugely informative, easy to read, often humerous and made for all Reiki Practitioners who wish to work with horses. Jan is qualified in Quantum Touch healing and Shamanic healing, the Reiki for horses handbook is eminently suitable for anyone with healing experience.

Do you need to learn more about what reiki is first? See this page Animal Reiki it explains the details in general. But you will definitely want to get yourself your own personal reiki book, you can see our recommendations on that page too.

The Reiki for horses handbook is based on Jan Barley's experience since 1998, working as a Professional Horse Healer. Jan is also a Life Coach, Certified Temperament Professional, NLP Practitioner, Meditation teacher and Equine Learning Facilitator and works with the understanding, based on her experience, that a healing session is NEVER just about the horse.

All of this knowledge is packed into this 60 page EBook, detailing the most effective ways of working for the aspiring horse healer. Click Here to get your copy!

Here is what you will learn:

*Meditation & breathing techniques

*How energy works

*Chakras including equine diagram


*Working with higher connections

*Emotional/Soul connection with the horse

*Hand positions


*How long to give healing

*Visual indications

*When to give healing

*When not to give healing

*How many sessions

*Completing the session

*Clearing the horse

*Clearing yourself

*Things you may experience

*What to do if the horse is resisting

*People Study

*Why your own horse might not accept healing from you

*Listening to the horse

*Psychic impressions

*Anger & Aggression

*Rescue horses

*Psychic protection

*Advanced techniques for increasing energy

*Developing your confidence

*Positive thinking

*Spirit guides & spirit animals

*Distance healing

*Example consent form



*Paperwork & accounting

*Marketing your practice

*Continuous professional development

Don’t wait get your copy now!

Even if you only want do to reiki with horses on a casual basis and not as a practitioner, no problem, you don't have to just follow your heart.

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