Rope Halter & Proper Use

The reason I include the words “proper use” with a rope halter is because like many tools it can be used incorrectly too. If you consider this halter as a training tool rather than a contraption to put on a horse’s head to take them from point A to B you will utilize them properly and for the reason they were created.

Because a rope halter has more pressure points placed on delicate areas of a horse’s head consideration for this must be taken into account.

So first, look upon this kind of halter as a training tool because that is what it was intended for.

The best part about them is the fact that a horse cannot use it to carry us away. Where a flat nylon or leather halter can. We can teach a horse how to use a flat halter as a means to pull and take us with them! But a rope halter is too uncomfortable for them to want to lean into to do this.

Good for us, but can be painful for them, thus why it is a “tool” to teach moving away from pressure rather than pulling against pressure.

I use them because I can deliver accurate information quickly and especially with an unruly/uneducated horse who does not understand. I can have more control over the situation. It allows me leverage over a thousand pound animal that I could never have alone.

This student is completely safe knowing this halter is all she needs and has been shown how to use it properly.

riding with rope halter

Once trust, respect and a language is built they are just a safety net. A safety net when my horse spooks on the trail because a turkey just jumped out of the bush and his thought for survival kicks in, kind on safety net.

This halter should be used to teach how to give to pressure first not relied upon as a means to fix a behaviour. (Like many do with bigger bits to solve a problem!.)

Here is the best set of instructions that I have used to create my own halters and how to tie it properly.

If you don’t want to bother making your own you can order here direct from Natural Horse Supply

Here is all the training equipment I use

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