Why don't horses lay down for long?

by Zachery

Hi, I am 12 and I want to know why horses don't lay down for long, can it make them sick? My mom says it is because if they lay down too long they can fall to a predator animal, so they sleep only for a little while.


Hi Zach,
A horse's first defense from a predator would be to run away so laying down would put them in a vulnerable position. Also if you watch a horse lay down you will notice it's quite awkward and takes a lot of energy to get up again. And yes, it is a little hard on their breathing and digestion too. If a horse is laying down for too long it would be a sign of illness.

Horse's also have the ability to sleep standing up. They can lock there knees straight so they don't fall over. Plus they only take short naps around 15 - 25 minutes but will do this often in a 24 hour period. It all depends if they feel safe to do so.


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