Women and Horses Discovering the Connection

winter pony

I have found that women and horses have a connection that most cannot explain. It often begins when we are little girls and grows and grows. It is an insatiable appetite!

If you are or know of a Horse Crazy Girl, here is a wonderful site you will enjoy!

It turns out however that women are not the only ones inflicted with this irreversible condition (Ha, ha). I have also met many men who have shown many symptoms of the condition. Yet it is the women and horses who seem more often inflicted. I too was diagnosed with this condition, so I just had to start asking,"Why?".

Here is what I discovered about the special bond between Women and Horses:

Women and Horses & Intuition

It's no secret that women utilize their intuition in everyday life! What most of my students don't consciously realize is that it is this intuition that drives them toward the understanding and connection with horses (and all animals for that matter). Women tend to think with their heads and then follow with their hearts on a more regular basis. As a result they can perceive a different story from a situation and therefore ask a different horse question. This in itself brings a higher rate of success with horses.

I am yet to hear a story told that a horse is afraid of a woman, the story is always told about the other gender. Hmmmmmm.....(not to imply that all men fit in this category)

One of the best books ever written regarding the connection with all animals is called, "Kinship with All Life" by J. Allen Boone. A must read that amplifies how we all can understand and communicate with the animals we love and how to show respect for them.

Women and Horses & Inspiration

We all love to be inspired. That's what hobbies are all about. While many aspire to create perfect horsemanship what really is being created is the fulfillment of inspiration. And that's what horses do best, they inspire us!

While being in the presents of horses, we are overtaken by their strength, confidence, exuberance and grace.

graceful horse

Horses are energetically (emotionally & physically) in a positively balanced state more often than people which causes us to be naturally drawn to them. That's why you feel better when just brushing a horse or being around them.

You could compare it to the people you associate with. Are you drawn to people who are depressed and make you feel down? Or do you want to spend time with those that inspire and help you to feel good?

Horse Women

For all those men out there that have witnessed their horse woman fall victim to this infectious state, wonder no more. It's completely natural. The women are attracted to the well being that these horses provide. Although there is no cure, resistance it futile. Go with it, encourage it, join in, you will reap the benefits from the positive effects that are provided!

A very reliable source once told me:

"Your animals live in the moment. They understand the power of their now. They expect the Universe to yield to them. They don't worry or fret or conjure or make laws or rules or try to regulate. They are Pure Positive Energy."

No wonder we are attracted to them!

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